RAGGEDedge Product Warranty

All RAGGEDedge Gear products are guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship when they arrive. These defects are uncommon and almost always evident while the product is new. Please contact us immediately if you have an issue. If something goes wrong and it's our fault, we'll fix it for free. We will let you know if you need to send the item back to us for examination. Repairs desired as a result of normal wear and tear, product tampering or other things that are not manufacturing defects, will be performed, when possible, at a reasonable charge. Keep in mind that wallets, gear bags, and briefcases are often subject to extreme wear in everyday use: do not expect them to last forever. You can expect a RAGGEDedge Gear product to give years of hard service but only true love lasts forever.

For questions regarding the RAGGEDedge Gear Product Repairs, please Contact Us via email.

But first... is this your question?

I've had my wallet/bag for a number of years now and it is showing some wear, will you repair it?

Here's the deal. If we can repair it, we're happy to do so, if the product hasn't been tampered with in any way. Removal of our label (we know they don't rip out folks) is definitely considered tampering and stitching issues related to such shenanigans will not be repaired.

For wallets and similar products, repairs to stitching on the outer edge can be done. It won't look new again, but the mark of a repair on a well made, used hard, and thoroughly loved product is something to be proud of in our opinion. And, if a repair gives it a few more years of life, rock on.

For bags and other products, repairs can be tricky to impossible, but we will do our best. Please contact us via email with a picture and description of the issue.