Made in the USA: Small Footprint Responsible Production & Philosophy

RAGGEDedge Gear: Made in the USA Small Footprint Responsible Production and Philosophy

Shop to Pocket Distance

Every bit of RAGGEDedge Gear is made start to finish in Virginia USA. We design it, cut it, stitch it, and ship it direct to you from our workshop in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The majority of our materials come from two sailcloth manufacturers located in Connecticut, that also make most of their cloths in house instead of overseas. The material travels an estimated 568 miles to reach our doorstep, and from there it travels direct to your doorstep as a finished product.

Think about that. Most manufacturers use materials made overseas, that is then shipped to a factory (in the US or not), and then to a distribution warehouse (perhaps stopping at more then one of these), before it eventually gets shipped to you.

Similar to the farm to table distance so often measured in the local food movement, we like to think of this as the shop to pocket distance. Equally as important, but so much less discussed.

Alternative Energy Initiatives

In 2014, Hank converted our workshop to utilize solar power. Our production is powered by a set of 4 solar panels. We have12V lighting and all our machines have servo motors which reduce our overall energy consumption. We proudly sew with the sun.

Almost Zero Waste

Let’s not talk about garbage for too long. Suffice to say, in a year's time, we generate less than 156 gallons of garbage... That is an average of a tall kitchen garbage bag a month. Not even a small dumpster full for the whole year!

Our Full Circle Initiatives

We bootstrapped this business from its infancy in 1997 which has given us the freedom and the time to shape our business model into something that makes sense to us. How we make our gear and how we do business is as important to us as what we make.

  • We making all of our gear start to finish with our own hands.
  • We rely on the reputation of our gear and the good word of our customers, rather then advertising and games.
  • We've chosen to solar power our workroom.
  • We continue to make these choices, and others like them, as we are able to do so.

Where you shop matters. Supporting establishments that have ethical integrity and moral fiber, and that are more interested in health than only in profits, is one of the ways that you can invest in our wellness, in our communities, and in our common future.

When you choose to make a purchase from us, you become a part of our circle of good. In turn, we continue to support other local, independent, and responsible businesses. It truly goes full circle.

All of that aside, it's not just about business around here. RAGGEDedge is an integral part of the Hawk-Mo Comet Project, which is our version of a community and an art project in one. It's a testing ground to explore what is possible. A sanctuary for humans, animals, and nature. It's a place, and the space, to try doing things differently, as we would if we were thinking of the 7th generation. If this sounds somewhat enigmatic, that's because it is.