Artisan Designed. Small Batch Produced.

RAGGEDedge Made in the USA Production
Small batch built is our way of saying our gear is not mass produced or made in a factory. All of our gear is made in a workshop by us, highly skilled craftsmen (and craftladies), that have many combined years of experience in the making of quality goods. We are people that love what we do.


When we say small batch, we mean it. Our stock production batch size ranges from 12 to 144, depending on the product and the colorway. Private Label production batches can range from a minimum of 24 to 500 or larger as needed. Every batch is essentially a limited edition. When a batch runs out, it’s gone for good. The next batch will be an entirely new colorway, or a slightly modified version of the same colorway. No two batches are ever quite the same.


We make our wallets and other gear like this because we can. Small batch production allows the flexibility to design new colorway offerings so every batch is unique.