Performance Sailcloth

Carbon Fiber Sailcloth At Work

Without a doubt, the awesomeness of our raw materials has helped inspire the awesomeness of our gear. As competitive sailors, we had experience with performance racing sailcloth laminates and knew that they could be put to an alternative use making durable wallets, gear bags, and assorted accessories.

Laminate sailcloths are hard core materials, engineered specifically to perform in a wet environment, very efficiently turn wind into power, and maintain their integrity for the duration of their life as a sail. These materials are essentially the engine of Americas Cup boats, highly competitive one design classes, and other high end yachts.

With a material resume like that, we set out to make a line of gear that would do it justice.

In the building of our gear, specific types of sailcloth are used for aesthetic reasons, creating the different colors and patterns that are unique to our products. For over 20 years now, we have been refining our work and keeping overall durability as a top priority. Performance wise, one type of the material (carbon fiber, kevlar aramid, pentex, etc) does not consistently stand out as being better then the rest. As artists, we choose what we use for a reason. Trust that we have chosen wisely.

Even if you choose to Design Your Own, we have given you specific materials to choose from, so there is no bad choice.