RAGGEDedge Reef Rescue Project

RAGGEDedge Reef Rescue Project: Symporium 90 Gal Salt Water Reef Tank

We are salty ocean people that live in the mountains. When the three of us look around and see that our wild coral reefs are dying, we want to do something. Our something is RAGGEDedge Reef Rescue. It started as Hank deciding to bring a piece of the ocean home. A 34 gallon cube. To watch. To nurture. To learn from. To love. In three years, we’ve adopted three reef tank systems & successfully learned to grow beautiful healthy corals.

We’ve always wanted our livelihood to be a source of good and this project is a perfect fit for RAGGEDedge and us. It’s a win-win to be able to give back to a larger cause in our own weird way and incubate Hank’s passion driven project into existence. Hank has been into fish tanks and reefing since he was a kid, so this opportunity to take things to the next level is a lifetime dream made real. With reefs dying, we figure every coral we can learn to grow & propagate at home in our tanks is a good thing. It’s also one less stolen from the ocean. We believe this matters. Small is mighty and every one counts.

The name Reef Rescue, is more than great alliteration. It’s a double entendre. It speaks to what we do & how we do things. Hank is a craigslist ninja. Our tanks, equipment, and much of our livestock are rescued from other people’s projects we adopted when they could no longer keep them. Our goal is to learn to grow out & nurture corals in captivity to offer back to the local reef community a more conscious source for corals.

When we signed the Reef Rescue pact, committing to this idea, on New Years 2014, we had no idea what a wild ride it would turn out to be. But that's why we signed a pact instead of a plan. We couldn't predict how long any of this would take us. After three years, we're excited to realize that we're ready to bring our hardy homegrown coral frags to market!