RAGGEDedge Gear Made By Label

Real Questions and Answers...

Which material is the best/strongest/most durable?

In the building of our gear, the specific types of sailcloth are used for aesthetic reasons, creating the different colors and patterns that are unique to our products. Performance wise, one type of the material (carbon fiber, aramid, etc) does not stand out as being better then the rest. We know that you really want us to say one does, but we can’t because it would be a lie. Instead you get to pick the one you like the most. It’s as simple as that. Trust that we've chosen only the best.

On the Megafold, is the center sleeve, the clear ID sleeve, removable? Does it tuck into the hidden pocket and slide out when you want to pull it out?

It does not slide out in our stock Megafolds. If you want one that does, you can order a DYO Megafold and select that as an option.

I'm buying a wallet for someone else, how do i know which one to pick?

A wallet is a personal choice and we've learned that most people don't change wallet styles. So your best option is to choose a wallet that is most similar to one they already carry. For example, if they carry a bifold wallet now, then select a bifold style for them. And remember, they can always exchange the wallet if they'd like to.

I was wondering what the clear ID window material was. I don’t want it to yellow, get brittle and craclk when the rest of the wallet is still in great shape. I know you must of found something good but it isn’t mentioned that I found.

We use a marine grade clear vinyl, it is the best we've found. It is mentioned somewhere...

Can I buy RAGGEDedge Gear in a store?

We sell almost exclusively to the end consumer, so there is no wholesale-to-retail markup: you buy directly from us.

I know you used to make product X,Y or Z, how come I don't see it for sale on your website anymore? Are you going to make it again?

We are constantly updating our product selection. We are always trying new products, and letting some old products, colorways, or designs sell out - never to return. We let that happen in order to make room (and have the time) to design and make the new things, which just might delight you more then anything else we've ever made. It's part of how we keep the awesome level high.

There are other things in my life that I would like RAGGEDedge to make, if I send you an email and ask nicely will you make me one?

We take it as a huge compliment that you want more RAGGEDedge gear in your life. We really do. That said, new product design is a long contemplated process and, we've decided to focus our attention on wallets.

Do you have other colorways of products you just haven't posted yet?

As cool as it would be if we did, we don't have a super secret special stash of products that aren't available for sale online. We keep our website update with current inventory. Within a couple of days of making a new product or a new color of an existing product, we take pictures and get them posted. So what you see on here is really what we have. Promise.

I really like your bags. I know people in Floyd. Cool place! I am a nurse practitioner, I see people in homes and schlep equipment... I have tennis elbow from how heavy my bag is. Could we co-design a bag for all my crap?

Our bags are light & strong, and would certainly help your carry weight, but we've found that custom one of bag design, like what you're asking for, requires too much R & D to be cost effective. If one of our designs would work, but you would just like different colors, order a DYO gear bag.

Very interested in purchasing a border bifold with ID slot and the chain grommet. But I would like to see any finished products you may have with the chain grommet to make My decision. Does it come with a chain as well?

See the two images below, one of a trifold, one of a bifold, with the grommet. We do not sell chains, there's way too many options for us to choose one for you.
RAGGEDedge Gear Wallet Chain Grommet

My husband wears his wallets out like crazy from always having to pull his ID out. I'm thinking your wallets will solve that problem! Do you have any discounts or promo codes available?

With all the many fraud safeguards imbedded in shopping carts, it is very difficult to remove the discount code box from the shopping cart. I apologize for the confusion, we simply do not offer discount or promo codes.