Design YO : FAQs

Anatomy of a RAGGEDedge Gear Wallet

What's the turnaround on my DYO? How soon can I have it?
Turnaround time to ship your custom DYO wallet is typically a week and will never be more than 2 weeks.
Turnaround time to ship your custom DYO bag will typically be within 2 weeks and will never be more than 4 weeks.

Can I get a rush on my DYO?
If you need it faster then 2 weeks, email us and ask to see if we can. Sometimes it will be doable.

Is there anyway I can see what my DYO item is going to look like before I buy it?
This would be awesome, we know, but we don't have that capability yet! It's on our dream list of website upgrades. In the meantime, check out our collection of inspiration photos and try some coloring!

I'm interested in DYO for a product you don't currently have available in that section, will you add it?
We're expanding our Design Your Own product offerings a little bit to a time. Currently, we offer DYO wallets, luggage tags, checkbook covers, passport covers, and portfolios. We do not currently offer DYO Cadillac Passport Wallets or Checkbook Wallets. Design Your Own bags are a once a year offering every February.

How do I know what the colors on the dropdown menu look like?
Scroll through all of the product images using the little arrows, there is a swatch sheet of every color option.

What are all the different parts of the wallet that I get to choose?
The outside material, is just that, the outside of the wallet.
The lining is the piece of material next to the outside material. Depending on transparency of the outside material you choose, you might see the lining through the outside of the wallet. You will definitely see it inside your bill pocket. The only thing you can't choose is the color of the inside pockets and the edging - which will be all black.

Can I get a bill pocket divider on a wallet other then the Border Bifold ID?
Yes! We've added that as an option for most wallets. If you don't see it on the wallet you want, ask us.

What is an appliquéd hand drawn letter? Where on my bag would they go? How big will they be?
Appliqué is a fancy sewing term that means your letters are going to be cut out of a material and stitched around the edge onto another material. The hand drawn part comes in because your letters will literally be hand drawn by our in house word nerd Mud (instead of stencils) before they are cut out. Where they go on the bag depends on the bag. On a kit, they'll be on the side. On an Airstream & Armadillo, they'll be next to the main zipper or on the front pocket. On a Pack Mule, they'll be between the straps on the side of the bag. On a Briefcase, they'll be on the opposite side of the bag from the exterior pocket. On every bag, they will pretty much be as big as possible for the space available - approx 3 - 4" tall. (see pic of "NORTH" letters below to get an idea)

Appliqued hand drawn letters: RAGGEDedge Gear

Will my shoulder strap match the webbing color I choose?
All of our bags come with a black OP/TECH SOS shoulder strap. We don't have the ability to change the webbing color.