RAGGEDedge Gear: A Short Story

RAGGEDedge Gear : Mud, Hank and Suze

Very Short Story About Us:

Suze started RAGGEDedge in 1997. A competitive J24 sailor, her first slogan was: “Strength of a sail. Touch of an artist.” Today, we specialize in Design Your Own custom wallets and small batch production gear. We are a happily tiny, world renowned band of artists.

{That’s right, I said band, not brand.}

Hank, our main seamster, is an avid craft beer drinker. Go figure. One summer, in-between downhill biking seshes at Snowshoe, he saw a guy wearing a shirt that said, “Hoptimistic: the belief that life is better experienced with a craft beer in hand”. Later, while drinking a craft beer, a lightbulb went off in Hank’s head - and he dubbed RAGGEDedge to be a craft GEAR company.

We are everything you love about craft beer, but in gear. Better built. Small batch. Artistic. Human.
Our priorities are longevity, sustainability, humanity & art.

Everything you see here, is made here, by our six hands in our solar powered workshop in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, USA.